Our May 2018 Update

Our May 2018 Update

Hello everybody,

As usual we have been very busy so please accept my apologies for not updating you with what we have been up to before now.

Julia invented a new game called Play Your Cards Right, which was a kind of Bingo. We all enjoyed it and it kept everybody engaged, which is something we are trying very hard to do this year because, as you can imagine, people’s levels of concentration are very different.

We have had some volunteers from Thomas Alleynes School. This has worked well for all concerned, and we hope they continue to join us in the future. Thank you ladies.

We have been to Cinebowl several times, always a well attended night! It’s good to see new members coming out of their shells and joining in more and more.

We have had an indoor games night, where we played Jenga, ping pong, snooker, Connect 4, jigsaw puzzles, colouring in a quieter room, and many more games. Again we are trying to think about what our members want or need to do. The volume of noise created might be an indicator here!

We have had one of our famous discos, which was a request night, and as always it was a very noisy affair!!

Luckily we chose a dry night to walk round the lake at JCB and then into Rocester for a drink at the Red Lion and, best of all, a bag of chips. What more could you want after a walk!

Last week we had a picnic in the park and played all sorts of games, and introduced our members to French cricket. We can’t wait to play it again!

We are looking forward to many more exciting nights with Uttoxeter Gateway Club and, what’s more, our holiday is not long away!


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