Official Uttoxeter Gateway Club Website Launch

Official Website Launch event 18th October 2016

We held an event to officially launch the new Uttoxeter Gateway Club website.  

A number of supports, friends of the Club and, of course, our members and wonderful staff attended the event.  In the photo gallery, Uttoxeter Town Council Mayor Alan Noyes is seen taking a good look at the new site (pictues 1 to 3) as he is supporting the Uttoxeter Gateway Club as part of the his term in office 2016/17.

In pictures 4 and 5, Lion President Carol Scorer and David Scorer represented the Uttoxeter Lions Club.  Paul Nixon (picture 5) explains the philosophy behind the new site to Carol and David.

Carol Carney, from Upper Morton Rural Acivities and Tracey Fletcher from DE Healthcare also attended.

In picture 6 you can see some of our wonderful staff, Lisa Lovatt , Pauline Wilson, Debbie Egerton and Sue Bloor.

Michael Biddulph, the website designer and developer was present.

Despite some technical issues that we had with the projector and the internet connection, the presentation was well received.


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