Club visit to Beamhurst Museum

Club visit to Beamhurst Museum

Special Gateway Club Museum Visit

Last night we went to The Beamhurst Museum, just out of Uttoxeter on the Cheadle road. The Museum is run by John and Laura Walton and their daughter Beth and they opened up especially for us.

It’s like Aladdin’s cave, full of memories for us older folk and fascinating things for our younger members.

The cake was great too, so thanks to all of you for a fun evening and an even greater thanks for the very kind donation you made to our club

Visit the Beamhurst Museum website 

Why Teresa Smith loves being a trustee

Why Teresa Smith loves being a trustee

Why I love being a trustee

I first became involved with the Uttoxeter Gateway Club twelve years ago after speaking to Ruth and Pauline at the Uttoxeter Christmas Cracker. My son Sam became one of the youngest members at sixteen. My daughter Rosie helped at the club as a volunteer while she was at Thomas Alleyne’s Sixth Form. Six years ago I became the club treasurer.

Being a trustee of this club is a privilege and a pleasure. Through the club we, as a family, have forged so many very special friendships and made so many happy memories.

I can remember well Sam’s eighteenth birthday at the Heath Community Centre. A sizeable contingent of members attended and that’s when I first understood exactly what partying with the Uttoxeter Gateway Club meant. The members stole the show that night with their singing, dancing and the joy they brought with them. Sam’s family and friends still talk about how wonderful they all were and how they made that evening so special.

I still remember, with more than a smile, Rosie’s dance troupe of lady members entertaining us all. Rosie loved her time with the club and is still treated like visiting royalty whenever she is with the members.

Over the years it has been a privilege to be invited to and included in so many wonderful events, quiz nights, racing evenings, craft events, discos, parties and one of my particular favourites the Murder Mystery Evening. Who could forget the Barn Dance when the instructions were accidentally broadcast during the church service next door?

Any time spent at this club and with the members is always time well spent but my favourite times have been seeing some of the members on Christmas Day wherever they have been for their Christmas lunch and sharing my Fiftieth birthday year with members David and Carole (although of course we don’t look it).

Nothing is quite the same as walking into a club night or event and being greeted with such genuine warmth and friendship. If you have ever considered volunteering or becoming a trustee I urge you to get yourself down to The Guild Hall on a Tuesday evening but you might want to take your dancing shoes as you will probably need them sooner rather than later. Nothing is more joyous than an event that involves music or dancing. You won’t be able to resist joining in.

We are always looking for volunteers and trustees with new ideas and skills to share with the club. I can assure you that the rewards are very special. I have loved my time as a trustee and the opportunity to contribute to such a special club.

Whenever I think of what the Uttoxeter Gateway Club means to me I am reminded of all those special times and these lyrics:

Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came…
You want to go where people know
The people are all the same
You want to go where everybody knows your name

(‘Where everybody knows your name’ by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo)

13 – 17 November is Trustees’ Week

13 – 17 November is Trustees’ Week

Hello Uttoxeter Gateway Club

Did you know that from 13 – 17 November it is Trustees’ Week?

We all know how important trustees are for the work we do to support people with a learning disability, so why not take this week as an opportunity to recognise them for their hard work and dedication? Looking for a trustee to join you? Use this week to raise awareness of this opportunity!

Did someone say resources?

The Trustees’ Week website has a number of great resources to help with getting involved with this week. It includes details on activities you can do during the week, how to get local media attention and template posters and flyers. All available in English and Welsh!

We have also created some speech bubbles that you can use on social media to share why you love your trustees and why they love being a trustee. Don’t forget to tweet these photos to @Mencap_Charity using the hashtag #TrusteesWeek.

Looking to find your next trustee?

Oxford HR, who provide an exciting offer to the Network already, have created some profile templates to help with finding exactly what you are looking for, whether it be a trusteeTreasurer or Chair!

They have also shared some draft interview questions that can be used for board appointments.

Where have the last nine years gone?

John Phillips has been a trustee at Mencap for nine years. He is also the Director of Isle of Wight Mencap. John has written a blog about his experience of being a trustee. Within it he explains how his work at Isle of Wight Mencap has been vital for supporting with this role.

This year John is stepping down from his role as a trustee. We would like to say a big thank you to him for all his hard work and dedication for the last nine years. His insights have been invaluable.

Have you checked out Your Network Online recently?

Login and take advantage of exclusive offers, free resources and chat with other partners on Your Network. If you do not have a profile set up, please contact the Network Office who will be able to support you.

All our recent news!

We’ve had yet another busy month.

Earlier in the month we had The Maidley Players, who had us in stitches, when one gentleman came on stage dressed as a baby. They sang, read us monologues and made us laugh and that is what we like to do most!!

We have been to Indian Spice for a meal, some indian and some english food was enjoyed. Can we say a big thank you to all the staff as they looked after us very well. We all came away very full.

We had our AGM which was well attended. Pauline gave her leaders report – it was long as we have been sooo busy this year, but she had lots of new ideas for next year. This was Pauline’s final report as she is giving up her existing role with the club, moving on to be a trustee. We’d all thank to express our thanks to her for giving her all for the last twenty years.

We’ve been to Cinebowl, as we do every month, and so many members came we had to ask for extra bowling lanes!

Last but not least we had the highlight of the month – our Halloween Disco, very kindly DJ’ed by Paul Nixon with spooky food donated by Tesco. Thank you Sue for all your hard work; we enjoyed it thoroughly and, as you can see by the photos, the members were all in the spirit of Halloween.

Looking forward to next months entertainment

If you have any questions whether it be regarding someone who may like to become a member, or if you could spare a little time as a volunteer, give us a call.